About us

The studio of modern embroidery “Hoyra” was founded in 2008 by a designer Iryna Khrystynych. Our mission is to make embroidered clothes an integral part not only in the festive, but also in everyday life. The products of our collections are the result of long-term and careful development of all details of the general image and giving them the finishes look.

In the collections we design, designer embroidered clothes are presented for any image. Our embroidery is great not only for celebratory events, but also for everyday wear. The modern style of embroidery and the quality materials that we use to create them make it possible to wear embroidered clothes every day. Here you will find not only traditional embroidered shirts, but also dresses, coats, skirts and business suits adapted to the modern style and rhythm of life.
We create author’s embroidery for women, men, children, couples and families. We also have a collection of embroidered accessories, including bags, wallets, ties, belts, as well as tablecloths and wedding towels.

Every piece is filled with hard work of our craftswomen, who put the warmth of their hands and inspiration by the national clothing in each embroidery. Embroidered clothing from the studio “Hoyra” combines a national idea with modern fashion trends, so wearing it you will always look stylish, elegant and, at the same time, patriotic.

Choose your day-to-day or festive embroidery from the catalog, or order custom-made designs, and look vibrant and fashionable every day!