• MATERIAL: linen
  • EMBROIDERY cross

The cost depends on the size of the product

There is a material different price segment

The cost can vary by changing the pattern

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The headband is decorated with embroidery.
Mask – reusable embroidered shirt for the face, for daily use.
Outer and inner layer – plain cotton / plain linen.
Sterility: not sterile. The mask is not a medical device.
Number of layers: two-layer.
Lock type: rubber band (ear loop).
Does not interfere with free breathing.
The length of the seam on the bridge of the nose is 15 cm
The length of the mask from the nose to the beginning of the gum is 13 cm
Machine embroidery provides resistance to washing without losing its original appearance.

Under the order with department for replaceable filters. Replaceable filter layer – synthetic nonwoven (spunbond). Number of filters in a set of 3 pcs. Embroidery to order at the customer’s choice.

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    We use only qualitative material of proven manufacturers


    Threads for embroidery resistant to external factors and does not lose their color after washing.


    We are working on Japanese sewing machines TAJIMA, which allows to implement into embroidery any ideas.


    You can make your changes in the pattern, so you’ll get really unique thing.

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